Bar Code Scanner Kit - Wireless

Bar Code Scanner Kit - Wireless
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Price $429.00

Kit Includes:  Scanner, Bluetooth Radio, Charger Cradle, and 7 Foot USB Cable.
This kit does not include an AC adapter.  The AC adapter can be purchased separately on this site

The wireless bar code scanner has a manufacturer 3 year limited warranty. 
For additional Symbol Motorola Product Warranty information, please click on the link:   

NOTE:  The USB cable is used to power up the device through the computer.  You may purchase a power supply as an optional accessory (see below).

This handheld Bluetooth®-enabled cordless bar code scanner captures data in seconds anywhere in the workplace. The scanner enables quick scanning within a 50-ft (15-m) radius allowing the operator extra room to move.

On a fully charged battery, this device can perform 32,000 or more scans at 1 scan per second.  Normal scanning is less than 4,000 per day.  Within 1 hour, the battery is completely charged.  

Scan Pattern - Rastering
Laser Technology


The following accessories are available on Shop Site for an additional cost. These accessories are optional and not required to utilize the wireless scanner. 

Power Supply Adapter - $29.95 (The adapter plugs into an outlet to power up the device.)
USB CABLE (7 ft) - $27.00
Replacement Battery - $29.95

Pricing is subject to change without notice.



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